March 30th, 2023tips

I want to share music with my friend. Which App I can use?

Music sharing has gone beyond just exchanging songs with friends. It has become a dynamic field where music lovers come together to create, share, and connect over their love for this art. The good news is that the internet has now made it much easier to do so. Various platforms with collaboration tools, easy file sharing, and uploading can help you bring your creativity to your friends and other music admirers. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start exploring some of the best music sharing tools that are currently hot in the market. 


SoundCloud currently enjoys the status of being the most popular music sharing application. Using this platform, you can upload, share, and promote your audio tracks and musical masterpieces. It was founded in 2007 and has become one of the best music-sharing communities in the world. 

You can download its mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS. It also offers the opportunity to monetize your tracks by incorporating ads. You can then share the revenue with SoundCloud’s advertising partners and get profit from your creation. 


Like SoundCloud, Bandcamp also came into being in 2007 to bring musicians closer virtually. This music sharing platform allows you to present your melodies to your fans. At the same time, its other exceptional features open doors to multiple opportunities for emerging and pro artists. For example, you can set up a customized profile where you can share about your exclusive concerts, merchandise, and other updates.  


A cloud storage service, Dropbox, can help you share your musical masterpieces with others who admire your work. While this platform is not entirely dedicated to music, it can still be a helpful tool, especially for collaborations. You can upload multiple files on Dropbox and share their links with others, allowing them to access your work from anywhere.


How can we forget the ever-famous Spotify app when it comes to music? This music-streaming platform lets you listen to your favorite songs on the loop. At the same time, you can also create exciting playlists and share them with your friends. 

An extensive collection of music in almost every genre makes it a popular choice for music enthusiasts. You also get the opportunity to upload your label in its library and let others groove to your tunes. 


BeatConnect, a digital audio workstation, is the latest addition to all the innovative platforms that allow sharing music online. This web application connects artists to share ideas and collaborate on musical projects. You can share your creativity and get input from other talented musicians. And when the skills of two or more talented individuals combine, the result will be a sure-shot hit. 

Apple Music: 

As an iPhone user, you must know about Apple Music and its vast library of songs. However, besides streaming on this music sharing app, you can even upload your own music and share it with your friends and followers. 

However, you have to subscribe to its premium plan to get permission to do so. With TuneCore, you can upload a single song for just $9.99. While for the album, it will charge around $29.99. 

Google Drive: 

Lastly, you can also use Google Drive for easy and quick music sharing online. It works on a similar principle as Dropbox, with a slight edge in its editing feature. You can directly edit files on Google Drive, which will reflect for the other users who can access it. While for Dropbox, you must first download the file on your computer to make modifications. 

Music from Drive is another aspect of this tool where you can log in and stream your favorite songs directly. 

With the rise of technology, music sharing is now more accessible than ever before. Many tools allow music lovers and creators to connect with each other and bring innovation to this art. So, let your musical passion shine, and your tune be heard and admired by music lovers worldwide.