July 14th, 2023Tech Talk

Every Musician Needs a Studio

It’s the summer of 2008, and finally, a long weekend shows up. I excitedly stuff my gear and computer into my dinky car and prepare to head out to see the gang out of town for the weekend. There were maybe twenty of us, connected by our love of all things music and hip hop. We were made up of beatmakers, producers, guitar players, singers, samplers, and whenever we could figure out how, we would get together - normally by invading someone’s home or renting out a cottage for the weekend.

Once we showed up and plugged in, the magic would happen:

  • Beatmakers would start dropping loops, chopping things, sharing loops and samples

  • When something nice would come out of the speakers, the musicians would start to plugin and improvise: Guitar solos and freestyle raps would abound

  • Everything would be recorded as much as possible - if something wouldn’t make it to a track now, we could definitely chop it up for another

  • As we’d play and laugh our way into the evening, we’d slow down on the music-making and start to talk shop.

  • The USB keys and hard drives get whipped out as we start comparing our samples, loops, presets and trading with one another, growing our collective sounds

  • Friends would start to come over to listen to the music, comment on tracks, and just generally hype us up.

In the world of BeatConnect - this is a Studio.

The next iteration of the BC World will focus on communities and bringing people together. Now that we have tools for collaboration and a space to do it, the next thing we’ll be building out are the Studios, both public and private. Once you’ve joined a studio you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Add callouts to your projects to get others collaborating and make music together. Need a solo but can’t play guitar? Call someone out! Need some help on the drop? Get a producer in there!

  • Studio libraries will allow you to share samples, presets, plugins, and templates with the members of your community. By participating, everyone will be collectively growing their tools and sounds, which is the best way to get fresh ideas every time you sit down to make music

  • Link your Discord server to your Studio to synchronize your chat, roles and permissions with ease so that everyone stays in the mix together.

  • Participate in community activities such as beat battles, feedback sessions, review sessions, auditions, and more

By joining a community and collaborating your sounds, skills, and possibilities will expand to new heights and unlock your musical potential. We believe that collaboration is the foundation of music, and we’re here to make it easier - look forward to the Studio release over the course of Summer 2023.