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Note: creative barriers not included.mDAW with plugins

If you think it’s just a DAW... Think again.

This creative playground is designed for a multiplayer experience. We call it the mDAW.

mDAW image
M stands for multiplayer

We’re cracking the code of online music collaboration by injecting real-time co-creation features. So you, and your friends, can enjoy the fun of making music together.

Create, co-create and recreate

Forget about the finish line and enjoy the creative journey instead. We provide the ingredients to spice up your creativity.

Everyone has a part to play

Everything happens on the same platform, yet you keep full creative control over your part. That’s the magic of BeatConnect.

New options, instantly.

What if you could get new sounds and tools without leaving your creative flow...

So easy. Too easy?

Imagine a place where you can inject excitement into your tracks while keeping your workflow swift and simple. Then stop imagining. We created it for you.

Expect the unexpected

Our catalogs are time limited treasure troves of creatives ideas, available to every member.

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