The universal bridge between DAWs

Unleash your creativity with other beatmakers, using your DAW, your instruments, no restrictions.

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Make music with anyone

One beat, many artists. Collaboration is here, regardless of where you are and who you create with. Thanks to our shared sequencer, you and any beatmakers you bring in can make music just like you would in person. It’s the perfect environment to unleash your creativity without any technical restrictions.

Your studio

Want to focus on EDM this week? Create a studio just for that and invite up to 5 other beatmakers to collaborate. Anything you create within the studio will easily be accessible by all the members.


Anything happening in the shared sequencer is visible to all participants. From dropping or recording tracks, to the movement of everyone’s cursors, you can see it all.

Your beat, your rhythm.

You’re free to work on a track in your DAW, use any of your instruments, and drop it in the shared sequencer when ready.

Compatible with any DAW

Invite and connect with anyone regardless of their setup. BeatConnect works with any DAW, on both MAC and PC. You’re done worrying about DAW compatibility.

Plug-in formats

BeatConnect comes as a VST3 plug-in for PC and AU for MAC. AAX is coming soon, don’t worry.

Don’t miss a beat

Put BeatConnect on the master output to capture every sound coming out of your DAW.

Create openly

Download projects or stems from BeatConnect and keep working on them in your DAW.

Use all your favorite VSTs

Your music, your way. BeatConnect lets you use all your tools and VSTs, giving you complete creative freedom over your projects. We wouldn’t dare try and stop you from using that new reverb.

Uninterrupted flow

Bring any loop from BeatConnect to a VST and vice-versa.