Connect and collaborate around the world with BeatConnect,Your Multiplayer DAW experience.
BeatConnect mDAW
Compatible with macOS and Windows.
Collaborate in real-time.

BeatConnect is a free multiplayer music making platform that allows you to connect your DAW and collaborate with others. Sign up now and start making music today. 

Multiplayer DAW
1Real-Time Multiplayer Collaboration

Until now creating music online has felt like a solo experience. BeatConnect brings back that feeling of true collaboration. Broadcast, record and create in real-time.

2Multiplayer Plugins

Break down the barriers of music creation by letting your friends edit and change your plugins. You can create new sounds by editing your friends’ plugins in real-time, even if you don’t own them yourself!

3One Project File

No more file sharing problems or plugin compatibility issues.Experience the music as it was meant to be heard with a single project file in real-time. Modify your project with the original tones and sounds without exporting. 

Showcase your skills.

BeatConnect offers you a central place to easily host, discover and compete. Sign up now and test your skills against others!

BeatConnect battle
1Your Battles, Your Rules

Submit a sample, create the rules and get the community creating! 

2Find Your Next Battle

Show off your talent by competing in battles for all levels, genres and styles of music! 

3Your Community Awaits

Our BeatConnect battle experience is designed to bring communities together. Connect with creators and show off your skills!