April 1st, 2023tips

Did the Pandemic Make You a YouTube Streamer?

Covid-19 drastically altered our daily lives in multiple ways. From remote work to virtual learning, everyone adapted new ways of doing things to maintain a sense of normalcy during those unprecedented times. 

Among the many changes that the pandemic brought, the rise of YouTube streamers is one of the most notable. With live music venues shut down and tours canceled, artists turned to the internet to share their musical skills with the world. This trend still prevails even after the pandemic is over. 

Did it also make you a YouTube streamer, or do you want to try out your luck now? The good news is that YouTube openly welcomes new content creators irrespective of what’s going around. So, let’s discuss how the arrival of Covid impacted the YouTube industry and a brief guide on becoming a YouTube streamer. 

How Did Covid Affect Youtube?

Covid had positive and negative effects on the world’s most popular video-streaming website, YouTube. Let’s briefly overview both sides. 

Positive Impact: 

The Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns led to a significant increase in viewership on YouTube. As almost everyone was staying at home, it became one of the prevailing sources of entertainment and information. Regardless of genre, many channels experienced a surge in their subscriptions. 

With an increase in YouTube usage during Covid, the number of content creators also increased on the platform. Creative individuals who did not get time earlier to showcase their skills finally got the chance to entertain the world during the lockdown. 

YouTube also emerged as a popular platform for delivering educational content as online learning peaked during the pandemic. After Zoom, many schools and teachers relied on this app to provide their students with lessons and other educational materials. 

Negative Impact:

While Covid’s positive impact on Youtube is undeniable, it also led to a few negative consequences. Many false claims and theories surged on the platform regarding the virus, which affected people's mental health. 

Other than that, it was reported that YouTube demonetized all the content regarding Coronavirus. This impacted the creators' overall revenue. But why did they do so? It was because YouTube’s advertising policies prohibit monetizing controversial content. 

How to Become a YouTube Streamer?

Do you want to showcase your musical skills to the world? With the right combination of creativity, technical skills, and strategic planning, it is easier than ever before. Thanks to YouTube that offers equal opportunities to all creatives without charging a single penny. 

Here are some steps that can help you start your musical journey as a YouTube streamer successfully: 

  • The first step is to finalize the genre of music you want to focus on. There are many options, including jazz, hip-hop, pop, classical music, blues, etc. 

  • After that, you must spend some money on buying high-quality equipment like an HD camera, microphone, and lighting setup. Without these resources, it is impossible to create professional-looking videos that quickly grab the viewer’s attention. 

  • You will also need musical instruments related to your genre, like a piano, guitar, bass, etc. 

  • Now comes the turn of optimizing your YouTube channel. It is important to fill out every detail correctly, like the channel description. At the same time, you should also produce a creative banner to attract the maximum number of viewers. 

  • After setting up everything correctly, share your channel with your close ones and social media followers. You can also collaborate with other artists to reach new audiences. 

It does not end here, as you must consistently upload new music videos to keep your audience engaged. Also, respond to their comments and messages to build a closer relationship with your subscribers. You can even host live streams and interact with them in real time.

YouTube Streamer Income

To start earning money from YouTube videos, your account must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • It should have more than 4,000 watch hours for one year. 

  • The number of subscribers must be more than one thousand. 

  • You should also have a linked and approved AdSense account. 

Once you meet these criteria, you can start making money out of your content. The rates vary from $0.10 to $0.30 on each ad view. 

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a surge in YouTube streamers, providing new opportunities for creativity and connection with fans. This trend is likely to go on as technology continues to evolve.