June 5th, 2023tips

4 Easy-to-Learn and Affordable Musical Instruments

Who does not love music? And let's be real; the answer is no one. But everyone has different ways of enjoying music. Listening to the song is fine, as we all do that, but composing it is not everyone's cup of tea.

Playing the instruments properly requires patience, dedication, and passion. And people who have these skills can choose to start a musical career and eventually get successful at it. However, some of them leave the route due to the unaffordability of instruments, or they do not know how to play their favourite instruments.

Luckily, we have figured out the 4 cheapest musical instruments you can learn and play easily.

So without further ado, let's get started:

What is the Cheapest Instrument to Play?

Learning a new instrument is not a challenge or costly venture. A range of the cheapest musical instruments does not need years to master the basics. Here are some of them:

  1. Acoustic Guitar:

The guitar is a popular instrument for both playing solo and as a member of a musical band. While many types of guitar, such as electric, are expensive, the acoustic one is an affordable music-playing solution.

When it comes to learning and playing the instrument, you will need to start from the basics, such as strumming patterns and chord progressions. These rhythmic patterns allow you to observe and improve your performance over time.

  1. Ukulele:

Playing the ukulele has numerous benefits for new musicians, especially its affordability and portability. Basically, it is a mini guitar with nylon strings, making them feel much softer than a traditional one with nickel and steel strings.

Jason Mraz, a famous musician, became popular by playing this instrument. And since then, it has enjoyed the status of being a constant hit among newbies. Several newbie musicians are choosing it as their first musical companion.

While it seems like a mini guitar, the instrument has a unique sound, making it a favorite pick of many artists. Plus, you can learn this easily, thanks to its only 4-nylon strings and small size.

  1. Keyboard:

There is no introduction needed for a keyboard. It is one of the most affordable instruments and the best alternative to a piano as well. While a piano can be expensive, the keyboard gives you the same features and benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Compared to the piano, the keyboard has multiple features, such as onboard training keys, click, and play-along tracks. Plus, the support of the MIDI controller will allow you to connect it through your computer and get new sounds.

In terms of learning and playing a keyboard, numerous free learning courses are available on the internet. Simply search for it, and you will be ready to rock as a musician in no time.

  1. Auxiliary percussion

An auxiliary percussion provides rhythmic support to the band’s voice. The majority of these instruments are easy to learn and play and are available at reasonable costs. You can find them under $50 at online sites such as OfferUp musical instruments.

As the instrument has practical functionality, you would not need to learn music on real notes. Instead, it is all about producing solid rhythms. Although you can learn it easily in comparison to other musical instruments, you have to put much effort into producing a beat.

How Much Are Musical Instruments on Average?

For most musicians, budget is the primary concern, and that is why they prefer low-cost instruments. Some beginner-level instruments include flute, guitar, harmonica, and piano. A basic flute can cost you around $600, while a piano is available in the market at $130. So it's essential to find a cheap musical instrument that is easy to learn.

These instruments are costly due to some reasons. Often, they are crafted by hand, which increases their value and demand. The use of expensive or rare materials can also cause an increase in the price of musical instruments.

Taking a look back at some cheapest musical instruments we have discussed earlier, it is clear that starting out as a musical artist is easy and affordable. But of course, it is possible when you pick the right instruments. If they still seem expensive, opt for used musical instruments on sites like OfferUp.