June 12th, 2023tips

3 Important Tips to Keep Musical Instruments in Best Shape

As a musician, proper storage for musical instruments should be your top priority. You have invested hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, into instruments such as guitar, piano, brass, flute, violin, etc. And that is why you must do everything possible to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Along with routine care and maintenance, storing your musical instruments safely will help reduce accidental damage. In some cases, fixing these damages can cost more than a new instrument. From proper care to safe storage, there is much to know about musical instruments.

In this article, we will explore how to keep musical instruments safe in storage and some tips to keep them in their best shape. So let’s get started. 

3 Tips to Keep Musical Instruments in Their Best Shape

  1. Clean Them Regularly:

Musical instruments require cleaning after every four or five uses.  In fact, even if you do not use them often, regular care and cleaning can increase their durability in the long run. 

Musical instruments are prone to dust and dirt. Not only cleaning them in a proper way will resolve these problems, but it will also prevent issues related to their performance. However, you must never use a harsh solution to clean your instruments, as they may contain harmful chemicals.

  1. Protect from Bad Environment:

It is a fact that dampness is the deadliest enemy of musical instruments. From guitar to violin, instruments can suffer massive damage due to air moisture. Moreover, moist air is extremely harmful to instruments as it can cause permanent damage to their performance.

Even sudden temperature changes can warp instruments that are crafted from brass or wood. In the worst-case scenario, your tools will eventually crack out. Seeing your expensive musical instruments destroyed due to minor negligence can be annoying, especially when they are brand new.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect them from destructive elements. You can simply add a layer of the casing around them when not in use.

  1. Do Not Exceed the Limit of Casing:

You must always keep your instruments in their original casing. This is because other storage pouches may not fit them perfectly. And this might lead to further structural damage. 

Additionally, you should not use your instrument casing to store other items. Every case is made to fit its respective instrument tightly, and putting more things in it can damage your musical gear. Moreover, it can harm the stored items as well.

So if you want extra space to fit additional accessories around your musical gig, invest in a new bag. It will provide you with a separate space for your extra items without doing any considerable damage to instruments.

How to Keep Musical Instruments Safe in Storage?

Irrespective of how often you use your instrument, it is important to store it properly. Since they are pretty expensive, proper storage should be your top priority. 

Here's how to store your musical instruments properly:

  • Clean: Firstly, you should clean your instruments thoroughly. It is because the remains of dust and debris can downturn their durability. You can do this by using a clean and wet cotton cloth.

  • Dissemble: Storing your bigger instruments as a single piece is not a good idea, as they can clash with doors or furniture while you move them. Hence, you should disassemble your instruments (if possible) and then store their small parts.

  • Use original casing: For sure, you will pack your instruments before storage. The best casing to use as its package is the original casing provided by the manufacturer. 

  • Store in a good environment: The last precautionary measure you need to take is to select a good environment as a storage unit for your instruments. As mentioned earlier, sudden temperature changes are a natural enemy of your instruments. To prevent them, some good musical instrument storage ideas include a garage, closet, attic, and basement.

Bottom Line: Musical Instruments are highly expensive and considered a lifetime investment. So it would be best to keep musical instruments safe in storage with our go-to guide. And if you fear the safety of your instruments, opt for an insurance policy.