March 4th, 2023Tech Talk

Welcome to Tech Talk

Hello World,

Welcome to the first edition of the BeatConnect Tech Talk!

We’ve started this blog as a way to completely and transparently talk about all of the exciting features and products that we’re building, from the inside out. You can look forward to posts about new features, roadmap updates, how we built certain elements, tricks for developers, product insights, wacky bugs, release notes… There's a lot to (tech) talk about.

It’s our firm belief that by sharing knowledge, gathering feedback, and working towards a common goal we can put the steering wheel into the community's hands’ and together we can build amazing products that will allow people to collaborate and create great music for years to come.

As for some real news: On March 6th we will be entering a Closed Beta phase allowing selected new users the opportunity to try our new products prior to launch and provide feedback. This allows us to smooth out any rough edges before the official launch and also start the community engagement feedback loop so we can immediately start tuning the product to our users needs.

I look forward to sharing more news and updates as we open the doors to the public!

May all your beats connect,

Nicholas Laroche aka Nicky Diamondz