November 7th, 2023Tech Talk

BeatConnect Patch Notes 1.0.38

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Patch 1.0.38Drum Machine, Presets, Free Plugins and More!

November 8th, 2023

We've done it!

Multiplayer Plugins, Drum Machine, Presets and more are now live! With every release, BeatConnect gets closer to the experience of making music in a live studio.

These changes would not be possible without community feedback! Head over to our Feedback Form and let us know what you think!

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  • Integrated Onboarding and Tutorials

    • Start with a demo project to learn the ins and outs of making music in BeatConnect

    • Specific, easy to access tutorials now available online

  • Complete Set of Multiplayer Plugins

    • Synth, Reverb, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Chorus, Phaser, Filter, Pitch Shifter, BitCrusher

    • Each plugin comes with a factory bank of presets, with more coming soon

    • Created your own user presets and share with your collaborators

      BeatConnect Synth.png
  • A Multiplayer Drum Machine with Step Sequencer

    • Repeatable patternsvelocity, probability, swing, triplet support, filters, and customizable drum pads with icon and colour support

      BeatConnect Drum Machine.png
  • Music Making Enhancements

    • Playback markers to restart from last play

    • Midi note preview options to hear the note while moving the note

    • Preclick recording options

    • Updated timeline visuals for easier clip and note placement

    • Add specialised, ready-to-go tracks for synth, drum, and audio needs

    • Ability to drag and drop midi files into the timeline

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash related to having no input device on machine
  • Fixed crash when loading 32 bit samples
  • Added additional protection for dll not found exceptions (new error screen)
  • Added ability to get logs directly, simplifying the support process
  • Prevented multiple instruments on same track causing issues
  • Blacklisted certain known unstable plugins (Sorry Synth1 users)
  • Various smaller tweaks, fixes, and optimizations throughout the application
  • Better handling for closed state from splash screen on mac.

Known Issues

  • Performance issues when there are lots of midi notes

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • When DLL is missing, BeatConnect will automatically trigger re-install mDAW from the login splash screen
  • Added ability to open BeatConnect AppData from splash screen
  • Added What's New? modal on application startup
  • Displays more version information on splash screen and in app help modal
  • Removed BeatConnect Public Studio


BeatConnect Team