December 21st, 2023Tech Talk

BeatConnect Marketplace: Your Sonic Journey, Enhanced!

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Dear BeatConnect Community,

Exciting times are ahead – our BeatConnect MarketPlace is gearing up for a Q2 2024 launch, bringing you a whole new dimension to your music making experience. We know that many of you have been asking how we intend to fund the continued running and growth of our free to use multiplayer music platform, and we aim to explain this, along with introducing some cool new music making features, below.

The journey kicks off with our range of multiplayer plugins. You can grab all of these plugins, entirely for free, directly from the BeatConnect MarketPlace. These powerful free plugins are designed with power and simplicity in mind, leaving you spending less time tweaking tons of knobs, giving you more time to focus on creating and finishing some great music! 

These plugins can be upgraded to radically change how the plugins sound, adding broad ranging colour and flavour to your music making experience, whilst ensuring your workflow is kept streamlined and focused. Crafted exclusively for the BeatConnect mDAW, these powerful and unique multiplayer plugins and expansions promise to provide you with diverse audio tools to help simplify and increase your creative flow, either when working by yourself or with collaborators.

Further down the line, as well as continuing to offer more exciting and diverse vst power ups, and instruments, we will also offer you slick visual assets to help personalize your BeatConnect experience that show off your personality when collaborating with others. These visual customizations will not only allow you to create a music creation space that suits your mood, style and taste, but they will also contain interesting and fun ways to help you interact with your collaborators, adding to the BeatConnect music making experience. 

It’s been a great year at BeatConnect with tons of improvements, brilliant beat battles on our Twitch, and lots to look forward to in 2024!

We all wish you a fantastic Holiday,
⁠Brad and the BeatConnect Team