March 22nd, 2024Tech Talk

mDAW Updates, Drum Machine and More!

Step Into A New Kind of Studio

Today, we're excited to unveil a series of transformative updates that redefine the creative process for all musicians and producers alike.  

See you on BeatConnect

With a completely revamped look and structure, the mDAW is designed from the ground up to revolutionise your music-making experience. It's built to make creating music enjoyable and free from technical constraints. 

“Music production shouldn't require a technical degree, and with our new approach, both beginners and experienced producers can easily create music.” - Kyle Fisher, Community Manager at BeatConnect

Here at BeatConnect we understand that community is everything when it comes to music creation. With that in mind, we have gone back to the drawing board to redefine what our multiplayer experience looks like. 

Starting with the update (coming at the end of April) we have restructured how your projects are set up within BeatConnect with multiplayer first in mind. This starts with the introduction of what we’re calling PartsParts will be an easy way to separate your tracks from other people within your project. This will create an easy to understand flow to see who is adding what to the track and break down one more barrier that’s stopping you from creating music together. 

Finding Your Sound Is A Crucial Part Of The Music Making Journey. 

That’s why starting in April we will be releasing a ton of free sample packs and plugins that ALL work in the multiplayer environment. Any plugin downloaded on our Marketplace will be usable in real-time in Multiplayer. 

image (17).png

Find The Sound That Gets You Moving On the Marketplace

The BeatConnect Marketplace is your gateway to enhance your music making experience in a range of ways, including with a variety of free and paid sample packs and Multiplayer Plugins. 

"The Marketplace will be where you can access the BeatConnect Essentials lines of devices, including over 10 free and simple to use plugins” - Bradley Smith, Growth Manager at BeatConnect

The Marketplace will be refreshed regularly with new and exciting tools to help inspire your next music making session. 

Get Your Essentials: Audio Effects To Get You Started

Included in our first offering of plugin series will be 4 lines of effects; the Time Warp, Vintage Radio, Wreck and Reflections series. These single knob plugins produce exciting and interesting audio effects whilst keeping speed and simplicity central to your experience, helping to keep your workflow high paced with maximum output.

We’re also providing you with a range of heavy hitting sample packs made by some incredible producers, including BC’s very own Memblem

Sample Pack - Electric House - April 2024 - Michael.png

Sample Pack - Lofi Noir - April 2024 - Malik.png

Mainstage Quality Beats in Your Bedroom

With our direct work with the community we’ve discovered that over 70% of our users mainly use the Drum Machine within BeatConnect. For our first major update of 2024 we’ve decided to focus on redefining what your Drum Machine does within BeatConnect.

“This update is more than just an improvement; it's a reimagining of how drums and audio work within BeatConnect.” - Kyle Fisher, Community Manager at BeatConnect

Designed for both new and seasoned producers, the Drum Machine offers an opportunity to learn, experiment, and excel from the base level up. The Drum Machine will be the first of many experiences we release and we can’t wait to hear what you will cook up. Join the Discord and share your tracks with us. 

The Place Where We Meet, Learn and Collaborate

Beyond the mDAW and Drum Machine, we're excited to introduce the improved BeatConnect Hub. The Hub has always been the central point for our community to learn, share, and collaborate, but with the latest updates, it's becoming something even more. Featuring an expanded library of tutorials, videos, and direct collaborations from BeatConnect, the new Hub is designed to support your creative journey every step of the way.

The Grid is Gone But Not Forgotten 

The Grid was envisioned as a collection of projects, designed to inspire collaboration and creativity among our users. 

Quality of the experience was not quite there. (rephrase) After much consideration and discussions with you, our users, we've decided it's time to go back to the drawing board with The Grid. We're shelving The Grid for now to focus our energy and resources on making the rest of BeatConnect the best it can be. You will still be able to find your projects within the “My Studio” section of the hub. 

Built With Your Feedback

In the meantime, we're excited to gather your feedback into further enhancing BeatConnects core features and capabilities. We're doubling down on creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and connection among musicians and producers around the world.

These changes would not be possible without community feedback! Head over to our Feedback Form and let us know what you think!

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