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Meet and team-up with beat makers across the world. Explore BeatConnect’s beat battle platform to discover, host and participate in international competitions with talented artists.

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3 reasons to try BeatConnect


The first EVER Multiplayer DAW

Make music together as if you were in the same room. Communicate, compose and record at the speed of sound. Organize and visualize everyone's ideas in our revolutionary mDAW.


Embrace Remote Collaboration

Make beats with whoever you want, whenever you want. No need to be in the same studio to collaborate on a track. With BeatConnect, you can work in real-time across time zones and enrich your music with influences from different cultures, genres and backgrounds.


Unlock Cross-DAW Compatibility

Your vocalist works on Ableton, but you are more of a Logic Pro person? We’ve got you. BeatConnect is compatible with most beat-making programs in the market. Optimize your time and budget by collaborating seamlessly on one platform. Just connect your DAW to BeatConnect’s relay.

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Hear What Our Users Say

”The BeatConnect site has been extremely useful. It helped me set up and display beat battles, sample challenges & feedback streams on my twitch channel. The streaming widget they supply is particularly handy. It has made my music streams look better and run smoother for my community. The team has also been super responsive to feedback. They work really hard to make the platform the best it can be for both participants and streamers. It’s also very, very exciting to see the multiplayer DAW and the potential it has to completely change online music collaboration”

Level-Up Your Beat Making for Free

Unleash your creativity and reach your beat-making potential through BeatConnect’s intuitive and fast platform. Explore your artistic freedom and create album-quality beats with our advanced beat-making features for free, with no hidden fees.

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